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First of all, I want to apologize. Since now, I’ll try to post at least three times a week.

These days have been quite hot here. We say it because of the news we’ve heard lately. First, as Víctor Solano tells us on his blog:

It seems that the Uribe government’s agenda to bring a “distraction sophism” regarding the problems of the country was so obvious, that even the president of the FIFA, Joseph Blatter, realized that and put us on evidence. Shame on us!

Blatter said the Colombia’s bid to host 2014 World Cup was “more a public relations presentation”, remarks that were slammed by president Álvaro Uribe late Thursday: “Before he can say that, he has to get rid of all the mafia who have infected football, and respect Colombia”. Uribe is using the same language for everyone who disagrees with him, since political opposition to Swiss Blatter. Still, Colombian Soccer Federation will wait until April to decide if pushes ahead of the bid. Was this another huge smoke screen?

By the way, on Tuesday we saw a huge fight between leftist senator Jorge Enrique Robledo, regarded as a serious fellow, during a debate about the FTA agreement with the US. Robledo showed his “indignation” because of the fact that the president of the parlamentary commission dealing the issue was a senator who signed the infamous Pact of Ralito in 2001, in order to support the paramilitaries. The pro-government parliamentaries and the Agriculture Minister attacked by mentioning a later discarded investigation against the former governor of Tolima department, allegedly linked with the FARC: “Stay if you’re so brave […] if your (Alternative Democratic) Pole is so democratic, stay”, said minister Árias as Robledo left the place. Later, Robledo attacked Health Minister because of the “obscure interests” behind the FTA. Minister Palacio defended himself, saying that Robledo’s insinuations were a lack of ethics. Finally, amidst the plenary session, Robledo said that he thought that “more than ‘para-politics’, there’s Uribista ‘para-politics’, that is ‘para-uribism’”.

As Carlos Sanabria says:

Everyday that passes I get more convinced that the closure of the Congress and the calling for new polls will be the non-returning point for ‘para-politics’. This rumour got more strength with the arrest of the first three investigated congressmen. The other six arrested revitalized this idea, even more when former Foreign Minister María Consuelo Araújo’s brother ended behind bars. And these fights show the troubles the government has in order to the Congress to pass its essential bills. Because president Uribe may have the majorities [at the parlament] but what are they useful to if their members are going to be jailed? With one more Uribista congressman linked with paramilitaries, the delicate balance the Congress is in today will broke up onto the most serious governability crisis on recent history. Of course, nothing will happen to President Uribe. Remember the ‘bad guys’ are the Uribistas.

Atrabilioso’s Jaime Restrepo goes beyond: he criticizes the way the Congress became a box ring, says that “those cheap discussions try to hide something even more serious: around the FTA debates some maneuverer’s interests and that all parties lack DEEP arguments to defend or attack the proposal”. Nevertheless, he highlighted the work of the Liberal Party, which tried to discuss the issue more seriously.

About the parapolitical scandal, I should recommend this excellent article published on equinoXio magazine. It explains it with three questions with their answers: What’s parapolitics? Which are its antecedents? Is it true that the uncovering of the scandal comes as result of the democratic security policy?

And not all the ‘bad guys’ are pro-government. Horacio Duque Giraldo, a former political advisor, is reportedly the link between FARC’s Raúl Reyes and the drug market in US and Europe. Is the ‘farc-politics’ scandal coming? Let’s wait and see.

Finally, will the recent attacks on Colombian blogs unite the entire blogosphere despite all the differences in opinions and past controversies?


3 responses to “World Cup, ‘parapolitics’, ‘farc-politics’, blogosphere

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  2. It is stupid to call that a smokescreen for the current scandal, when the admittedly moronic idea came out when it hadn’t even shown up.

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