Another baby is born after 22-week pregnancy [video]

Just a few days after the survival of Amillia Taylor in the US and Millie McDonagh in the UK, another extremely premature baby was born, this time in Barranquilla, Colombia. According to Caracol Televisión:

The little baby, who weighs just half kilo, has her lungs developed enough, which makes think that her development will likely be normal, though she will have to stay in the hospital at least for two months, specialists consulted by Canal Caracol said.

Martín Balza, the paediatrician attending her, said the baby’s feet are easily blended between an adult’s fingers and that her tiny body fits the palm of a big hand.

Yeah, she’s way too tiny. The nurses have to cut special nappies for her. The mother is a 17-year-old teenager, the child hands measure 3 cm and she hasn’t had respiratory problems so far.

Damays Santana, the child’s grandmother, can’t stop comparing her granddaughter’s case with the girl born on similar conditions in US recently. That’s why, though her parents haven’t told the last word, she suggest to name her Milagros (“Miracles”).

“I’m going to name my girl Milagros, because it’s a God’s miracle she’s saved… it’s the second 5-months [pregnancy] who gets saved”, said the grandmother with emotion.


3 responses to “Another baby is born after 22-week pregnancy [video]

  1. Excelente blog. Con gran gusto retorno el enlace en mi blog

  2. Thank you. Yours is one of the best blogs in Latin America. It must be on every blogroll. 🙂

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