Venezuela’s Ambassador scandal, Colombia Clean [video]

On Sunday, pro-Uribe RCN Televisión broadcasted an “exclusive” video showing Pavel Rondón, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Colombia, in a political meeting held by supporters of the leftist Alternative Democratic Pole party (the Committee for Solidarity and Friendship to Venezuela) a month ago. In the middle of the meeting, someone in the audience yells:

Long live to Commander Chávez!

Long live to the Alternative Democratic Pole!

Down with Álvaro Uribe Vélez’s government!

Rondón, a member of the Frente Guerrillero Simón Bolívar in his twenties and an expert in Colombian issues, claims that, according to “internal reports” held by his embassy, that the Colombian Liberal Party “may disappear”. Other RCN TV report carries also the reactions of some government officials who attended the meeting, searching for some health, educational and cultural cooperation with Venezuela, saying they felt “uncomfortable” and that they left the place because it turned political.

RCN also featured some small interviews with diplomats and experts. They claim that Rondón should apologize to the Liberal Party and that his intervention in politics. A former Colombian FM said I don’t want even to wonder how would be the reaction of Venezuela government if our Ambassador in Caracas had a similar position to the one that Venezuela’s Ambassador to Colombia had”. Alfredo Rangel, pro-government political scientist, said that Venezuela government should “clarify” what Rondón said, and Rafael Nieto Navia (father of the also pro-government columnist and former minister Rafael Nieto Loaiza) remembered that the Vienna Convention “forbids the intervention of diplomatic agents in the internal issues of other states” but recognized that it was hard to say if it was so in this case. “Chávez likes to mess up in the internal politics of the states and bothered some countries.

Rondón’s reactions didn’t appear, because according to RCN, though he accepted to speak live during the newscast on Sunday night, on the afternoon some Embassy people called to say that Rondón was not in Bogotá at the time. No reaction from the Alternative Democratic Pole was shown either.

Huge scandal. We’re waiting for some bloggers reactions, so stay tuned.

Last week, Amnesty International called for not to buy the paramilitaries’ demobilization process held during Uribe’s administration (remember ‘para-political’ scandal), and featured an animation by Mark Fiore called Colombia Clean, who would be a spray who whitewashes paramilitaries’ and guerrilla’s crimes, in cooperation with some politicians. Check it out.

About it, in a comment in his blog, Atrabilioso‘s Jaime Restrepo says to an anonymous who posted the link:

And why they won’t demand FARC to make use to such “detergent” in the same campaign so they can be allegedly unpunished? What a convenient bias for the terrorists!

On the other side, No le creemos a Álvaro Uribe (“We don’t believe Álvaro Uribe”) fellows say:

It’s a great initiative which shows us how in the world they aren’t also believing Álvaro Uribe and otherwise they do notice his and his government’s efforts (including the whips) to hide and make smoke screens about the paramilitaries’ crimes against humanity and their relationships with local politicians. Just like Colombia Clean detergent, which leaves no track, everything with the intention to Uribe not to be questioned and his popularity keeps up, no matter it’s disguised or whitewashed.


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