Preparing for Bush, 126-year-old grandpa, Noguera free? [videos]

After he sleeps in Uruguay tonight, Bush will head to Bogotá, where 22,000 policemen are taking care of the city (with the support of US secret service, by the way). A third of them will be exclusively destinated for his 7-hour visit on Sunday. There have been a lot of (sometimes bothering) security measures through the city. On Thursday we’ve registered here the protests and some blog comments on the issue. We’ve got more. María Paula makes fun of those measures:

Thank you, thank you, this is democracy, this is what I was asking for since the dream government began. Thank you, Uribe, again thank you for make us to be searched in the name of such an asshole, we all will make him feel as home, being democratic, because in this country we have nothing to hide, if we were doing wrong things wouldn’t have to be controlled, they wouldn’t be searching for sure.

Whereas Valentina picks up the recent visit of Democrat Rep. James McGovern, who said, referring to the way Uribe replies to opposition, specially human rights activists, “these persons are not terrorist nor enemies of the State, they are patriots”. Valentina says “Uribe is no longer a figure in Washington, and that’s because of the ‘para-politics'”. Mario Nel Villamizar, on the other hand, reviews some of the blogosphere reaction to the upcoming visit and says he’s expecting for other notable blogs’ opinions. If you want to know more, specially about the “parapolitical” scandal and all the context of Bush lame and useless trip, read this article on The Nation.

This other story is more interesting, I guess. In Soledad, Atlántico (northern Colombia), they found a 126-year-old fellow [see video above], who had 24 children!!! José del Rosario Serrano likes to ride a bike with his grandson, and says the secret of his longevity (he was born in 1881) is to “not hurt anyone and to be faithful to my wife”.

But we’re back to the parapolitical scandal. Jorge Noguera, former intelligence chief accused of let the paramilitaries to infiltrate the DAS security police, might be freed if a top court rules so, for the nulity of an unrelated process when he was still the DAS chief. Bilioso, as usual, slams this “judiciary mistake”, though the General Attorney office will reply surely to the nulity and a habeas corpus resource on Monday. Bilioso says:

In no other country in the world its inhabitants would stand such a dirty trick; the boss of the main and corrupt intelligence organism of this country is about to be freed because some sort of mistake is unacceptable everywhere in the world except the country of turmequé.

Ah, and a naval sergeant, who was member of the presidential security team, was found robbing a painting by artist Alejandro Obregón through presidential palace CCTV. The painting was recovered. Nevertheless, the man was freed hours later because the capture procedure was “illegal”.


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