The week of the outrageous [videos]

The week ending this Saturday will be remembered as an outrageous one in Colombia. First, while Bush was visiting Bogotá, senator Piedad Córdoba attended a left-wing forum in Mexico. She is one of the most outspoken opponents to Uribe, but I think she kinda overacted asking Latin American progressive governments to “break diplomatic relationships with Colombia” because Uribe’s government, in the middle of a storm because the parapolitical scandal, is “illegitimate”.

I voted for Ms. Córdoba because she has been a spokesperson for discriminated people. Nevertheless, even though those bad things about Uribe may be true (the alleged electoral fraud, the alleged links with the paramilitaries, etc.), but as long as the judicial investigations don’t finish and show their results, she should keep her mouth shut. Maybe, as I said in an article for equinoXio I published early this week, she has made a huge political mistake… that’s not the way of making a true opposition. Atrabilioso‘s Jaime Restrepo even asked her to be impeached or investigated for “treason”.

On Monday, more Colombian blogs were hacked. Again the lamer blamed Jaime Ruiz. Unlike three weeks ago, this time some bloggers actually think, though recognized not having any evidence, that Ruiz, an outspoken and somewhat hateful right-wing blogger who indeed has an excellent writing, might be involved. Blogger and journalist Víctor Solano opened a space to discuss the issue, but I think he started the wrong way by posting a “denounce” written by one of the affected. At the end, after a lot of comments with accusations, Solano had to close the comments. So far, the lamer remains unknown.

Felipe Zuleta, an exiled famous journalist, found something to remind us the kind of President we have:

That actually happened in November, in the wake of the first arrest during the parapolitics scandal. He asked the parlamentaries who supported him (remember most of the congresspeople currently in jail are Uribe supporters) to vote the government’s bills “as long as they’re not in prison”. What a British-like fine humour! Maybe that’s why he was welcomed this way in Dominican Republic.

Eric Draper/White House, public domain

(Photo credit: Eric Draper/White House, public domain).

Uribe puts his hand over his chest during U. S. Anthem! He’s such a patriot! But what’s his country? Colombia? United States? Of course, Bush didn’t “return the courtesy”, as his secret service searched the Colombian guard of honour. Can anything be more outrageous than this? Well, a man in Medellín living in a coffin because he doesn’t have any money to rent a room is outrageous too, right?

Or this one. Another journalist, this time a well known radio announcer, goes to exile because he’s being threatened by the FARC. Or this other one:

Chiquita Brands International Inc., owner of the namesake banana brand, agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of doing business with terrorist groups in Colombia, in violation of federal law.

Prosecutors said Cincinnati-based Chiquita and eight unnamed company executives did business with United Self Defense Forces of Colombia, a “violent, right wing” organization designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. State Department in 2001, according to criminal charges filed today in a Washington federal court. (Bloomberg)

I must add they also did business with left-wing guerrilla groups. The outrageous part is this one:

Colombia may ask the United States to extradite officials of Chiquita Brands International Inc. <CQB.N> to face charges that a former subsidiary paid money to illegal paramilitaries, officials said on Saturday. […] “Extradition works both ways,” said President Alvaro Uribe, who has sent hundreds of cocaine smuggling suspects to the United States since 2002 when he first took office.

Yeah, right. U. S. is going to extradite its citizens to Colombia, of course… Dream on! Uribe is the one asking for extraditions, while he’s holding the extraditions of paramilitary chiefs required by the U. S. on drug-trafficking charges.

What a week!!!

P. S. I must thank professor Álvaro Ramírez for his mention on his blogs. He should forgive me because this time I was not “that neutral”.


3 responses to “The week of the outrageous [videos]

  1. I don’t quite understand why you linked me under the word “hideous”. What do I have to do with that? I hope you’re not suggesting that I’m acussing Ruiz of being such a thing. I’m guessing that’s not the word you’re looking for.

    I also wanted to point out that the flaw of Solano’s post, and what makes it almost irresponsible, was believing that there was anything constructive at all in opening a debate about the guilt of Ruiz as if we were supposed to democratically decide who was behind the attacks. Doing what he did, he only made the already tense situation even worse. That exchange of accusations was unnecessary and silly. Nobody, except perhaps the lamer, won anything from it. It’s a shame he didn’t even apologize for it.

    (Oh, and, by the way, it is “lamer”, not “lammer”. Just a single “m”. It comes from “lame”, which is an accurate description of the king of things that they do.)

  2. j., I really appreciate you’ve came by this place. You’re right about the wrong word I used to describe Ruiz, so I changed it. And thank you for correcting the “lamer” thing.

    I just have something not clear yet: when you say “it’s a shame he didn’t even apologize for it”, are you talking about the lamer or about Víctor?

  3. About Victor. I believe he should have apologized for promoting that kind of discussion. His post was tendencious and so was the discussion it generated. And then he excused himself claiming it was the way democracy worked. I expected him to at least admit he did wrong making echo to those completely unjustified acussations.

    The saboteur is not going to apologize. I hope he is identified soon.

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