Yair Klein is “wanted” in 186 countries

Well, it finally happened. Interpol has issued arrest warrants against three Israeli mercenaries for training death squads for the Medellin Cartel and the paramilitaries. Though a Manizales court sentenced them to jail, they were never captured.

AP says:

Yair Klein, Melnik Ferri and Tzedaka Abraham were being sought on charges of criminal conspiracy and instruction in terrorism and face nearly 11 years in prison if convicted, said Oscar Galvis, spokesman for Colombia’s domestic intelligence agency.

The men are accused of helping set up training camps to teach private armies working for drug lords Pablo Escobar and Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha about explosives, car bombs and high-profile killings. The armies later morphed into Colombia’s right-wing death squads.

Klein, a former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army, appeared in a 1998 video used to train far-right squads. In 1991, he was convicted and fined US$13,400 (€10,030) by an Israeli court for selling arms to Colombia’s illegal groups.

Klein also spent 16 months in a Sierra Leon prison for his role in a guns for blood diamonds deal.

He said he was originally hired — with the Colombian Ministry of Defence’s blessing — to organize security for the banana industry in the northern region of Uraba.

Many of his students went on to carry out some of Colombia’s most brutal massacres.

Klein said, however, that “they were not trained to kill, only trained to defend themselves.”

According to Caracol Noticias:

The interview conceded by Klein to Canal Caracol news programme Hablando Claro con la Prensa lead Colombian justice to ask Interpol to seek him to respond for a pending sentence in this country

Yeah. They had forgotten him until a national network broadcast an interview with this criminal. Well, maybe this time he gets caught. Well, maybe he won’t go to prison. Maybe he keeps his word… didn’t he say he would destroy FARC? Go ahead, do it, with your bloody mouth!!!


6 responses to “Yair Klein is “wanted” in 186 countries

  1. where is klein?

  2. Good question, Sam. The Caracol TV interview, as far as I know, was held in Israel.


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  5. The dead penalty should be implemented in colombia and even more severe penalties for foreigners misbehaving in Colombia.

  6. He is an Israeli besides mossad will ensure he escapes any imprisonment because they are gods chosen people !

    Ask AIPAC or the World Jewish Congress enjoy going around in circles and tell me when you find Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić good luck.

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