Uribe’s defence on primetime [“Al Gore rejected me” :'( ]

While Tuesday’s debate on paramilitarism in Antioquia was broadcasted on a national public network on the afternoon, Thursday’s press conference was held on primetime on every national networks, with TV, radio and agencies like EFE, AP and AFP journalists and correspondents chosen by invitation (excluding print press, maybe punishing El Tiempo for its “centred” editorial on the issue, which is “infamous” according to Pablo Escobar’s cousin and presidential adviser José Obdulio Gaviria) and the news that U. S. former vicepresident Al Gore had cancelled its participation at an enviromental forum in Miami the next day for the “‘deeply troubling” allegations by opposition congresspeople. This is bad news, but for him, not for the country, specially after Democrat senator Patrick Leahy “re-freezed” US$55 million for Plan Colombia earlier this week. The same night, earlier, during another press conference with Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, Uribe angrily said “I’m worried because the political friends of the guerrilla, who pose here as political enemies of the ‘yankee imperialism’ go often to the U. S. to discredit Colombian government”. I “covered” the press conference “live” for digital magazine equinoXio.

Uribe’s fanatical supporters claim that Uribe “swept” Congressman Gustavo Petro’s allegations, specially because he was fast at denying his links with paramilitaries, but I think he actually evaded some of the important questions and treated quite disdainfully La W Radio‘s Félix de Bedout and Caracol Radio‘s Néstor Morales, by calling them “doctors”. He maybe hit well back on the allegations against his family, but some serious things came up. Remember the picture of Uribe’s brother Santiago with the drug-dealing clan Ochoa? Well, Uribe said he was taken a picture with Justo Pastor Perafán, another drug dealing lord currently in a U. S. prison. When AFP correspondent said he was a friend of friends of paramilitaries (that’s true, as you can see by the currently imprisoned congresspeople), he did not answer clearly.

He did not answered if some judicial investigations could be re-opened, in order to clarify all the suspicions, but he said instead “if I had been a paramilitary man, I’d be a paramilitary with a rifle in the mountains, not a paramilitary financial sponsor, not a paramilitary sponsor behind a desk” (!) Is this coherent with what he said Wednesday morning? “I read a lot Mao [Tse Tung] and [Karl] Marx, and I would have been a good guerrilla man, not a slanderer guerrilla, but with a gun, militarily successful and not a protagonist of slanders”.

And he also revealed something quite disturbing for the opposition: “I have evidence, which I’m not going to disclose here, [they are] from military and police intelligence, about some of the people who have been to U. S., who say: we’ve ruined the [Free Trade] Agreement accusing this S. O. B. of Uribe”. When he was asked by Félix de Bedout if the opposition was being tracked by military intelligence, he said: “Look, ask Andrés Peñate (DAS secret police director, whose predecessor Jorge Noguera is accused of letting the paramilitaries to infiltrate it), here the Government is being made intelligence work. The opposition shows official documents they have no access. No one can say this government has used the militaries, the police or DAS to cut opposition’s right. What happens is that those persons proceed very evidently, they don’t take care of themselves as they think they do and besides they facilitate inferences. The opposition have had warranties here”. Should not this worry everyone in a so-called democratic country? Well, Uribe looks as a good person, so he must be a good person, despite of his friends and his saying, right?

Nevertheless, Uribe is still believed by his supporters, who ask on the internet forums to “let him work for the country” and to shut up that “guerrilla”, referring to senator Petro. Regional press did a poor coverage of Tuesday’s debate, as o-lu denounces, and Adam Isacson analyses the impact of Gore’s slap on the face to Uribe. But, again, we’ve left without answers, because, for one side, the “truth” is more important despite of their own mistakes and the truth they haven’t revealed, and for the other side, it’s more important to shut the hell up the “anti-patriotic” opposition people, who “want to hand over the country to FARC”, which, by the way, have been selling bloody propaganda DVD in Cartagena. And Uribe continued his self-defence in Miami.


11 responses to “Uribe’s defence on primetime [“Al Gore rejected me” :'( ]

  1. Well I think the reason why it was broadcasted on a national public network on the afternoon it’s pretty obvious. It works like that in every country, congressman are always having debates that are not as important as the president speeches. Trying to say that congressman and the president deserve the same time and the same coverage it’s a bit absurd.

    It’s funny how this works, you totally agree with El Tiempo’s editorial so you call it “centered”. It had important mistakes. For example; saying that that specific debate was a sign of a strong democracy. Thats preposterous. And it is preposterous because it wasn’t even a debate. The most important characteristic in a debate is that both parties have to be well informed about the subjects that are going to be threated. Petro was able to get a hold on crucial information that is NOT supposed to be public. How can the government defend to something they don’t even have access?

    Calling Felix “doctor” is not disdainful treatment, haven’t you ever spoken with a person from Antioquia? They call doctor pretty much everyone.

    Uribe’s remark to Perafán’s picture was excellent. It is not illegal to appear in a picture with someone and most certainly it does not make you drug dealer or a paramilitary.

    Anyways if you want to see what went wrong with the “debate” and why some people believe that Uribe did better go to my blog or to atrabilioso’s.


  2. About the photo, i just remember the case of german tourist “kidnapped” by farc in sierra nevada a few yaers ago, and after her release we saw pictures of this girl posing with guerrilla killer and weapons like if she were in some kind of visit and not kidnapped. What happened? Well nothing that was pretty normal for some!

    Now in other topic: I found funny the fact that the same people that resent Petro being called “guerrillero” are the same that refer to Jose Obdulio Gaviria as “the cousin of pablo escobar”, so they don’t like a taste of his own medicine?

    You know that one of the functions of DAS, is polithical surveilance? DAS is a polithical police! that’s very well know, all country have the right to protect itself against internal enemys.

    However, it appears that this goverment has been lazy in his dutys, and Petro never have been denied access to sensitive information! so how you can explain that, in a paramilitary goverment? it makes no sense. This guy can speak whatever he want and nobody say anything, if that is not freedom of speech then what is it?

    Opinador Dañado

  3. Camilo Andrés

    Bueno que me llame fanático no me molesta en lo absoluto. Porque Uribe barrió al ex comandante del bloque Oriental del grupo de asesinos, narcos, pirómanos… llamado M-19.

    La editorial de El Tiempo ¿centrada? por favor dejemos la ridiculez, más respeto.

    Te invito a leer la Editorial de El Colombiano, 19 de abril de 2007: Artillería Verbal. Esto sí es centrado. Y todavía siguen insistiendo que El Tiempo es uribista (jajaja).

    Lo de Justo Pastor Perefán, Uribe no le dije a Valdivieso, fiscal de la época del 8.000. Ahora dirán que Valdivieso es Uribista y paraco. ¡Qué más!

    Cómo lo dije en equinoXio, yo soy narcotraficante porque salgo en una fotografía con Freddy Rincón, estoy esperando que me lleven a la cárcel por eso.

    Lo raro del autor del artículo, es que es detallista con Uribe, pero a la senadora Córdoba, de forma deliberada le pega un regañito, después que se gue a México utilizando los viáticos de las FARC y proponiendo la legalización del secuestro (nada raro tiene, porque ella es admiradora de las FARC).

    Afectar la imagen del jefe del Estado, es también afectar la imagen del país. Pero otra vez Uribe recibe el respaldo del Dep. De Estado de EE.UU.

    No hay que mortificarse por los que diga o haga el racista de Al Gore, una persona que hizo un documental (supuestamente de conciencia social) solo buscando votos.

    Usted que habla de inteligencia militar a la oposición qué opina de la violación sumarial? qué opina de la fiscalía paralela?

    No nos venga a lavar la cabeza todo esta muy claro, el Sr Richard Moack Riaño Botina, le entregó información a Gustavo Petro ¿Haciendo vigilacia privada al gobierno legítimamente constituido?

    Copio un comentario de Atrabilioso: “Sin embargo, la peor caída de Petro tiene que ver con una acusación que hizo el senador Oscar Darío Pérez, quien le preguntó al senador citante si su inquina contra el ex Fiscal Luis Camilo Osorio tiene que ver con que éste despidió a Richard Moack Riaño Botina, quien era una ficha importante para Petro dentro del organismo para obtener información de procesos aún en etapa de instrucción.

    Al tratar de responder al señalamiento, Petro entró en una gravísima contradicción: primero dijo que él conoció a Riaño Botina DESPUÉS de ser despedido de la Fiscalía, supuestamente porque el personaje creó un programa para detectar vínculos telefónicos entre funcionarios, CONGRESISTAS y delincuentes.

    Sin embargo, después Petro dijo que Riaño Botina fue despedido por entregarle información (FILTRAR INFORMACIÓN COBIJADA CON RESERVA DEL SUMARIO) al actual Senador e incluso que Riaño fue amenazado por cometer ese delito. Obviamente Petro logró que Riaño se escondiera y saliera impune para vivir cómodamente en Canadá. Pero la contradicción fue evidente: lo conoció después de ser declarado insubsistente, pero fue despedido por entregarle información antes de la expulsión del organismo investigador.”

    Después de la rueda de prensa de Uribe, en donde con pruebas en mano fue destruyendo CALUMNIA POR CALUMNIA. Y después del desagravio en Miami, donde fue aplaudido Uribe, la izquierda “democrática” de reinsertados asesinos, quedó como un: CUERO.

    Y para que les duela más: Según una encuesta de El Tiempo.com y La Wradio, después del debate sobre paramilitarismo en Antioquia (no esta incluida la respuesta de Uribe) La imagen de Uribe mejoró: 47,8% empeoró: 22% y la imagen de Torpe, perdón Petro mejoró 15% y empeoró: 41,5 y después de la TRAPEADA de Uribe, es casi oficial que el pda (ni mayúscula merecen estos miserables) aumentó su antipopularidad en 10%. Sin la respuesta de Uribe el jueves, porque después de eso, he visto hasta Antiuribistas apoyar a Uribe.

    Por último, quiero darle las gracias a Petro, por aumentar la popularidad del MEJOR Presidente de Colombia en su historia.

    Incluso también hay una petición para que Al Gore se desagravie con Uribe. Busquela en Internet esta y lleva como 200 firmas y eso que apenas la crearon ayer.

    Un saludo.

  4. Camilo Andrés

    Fíjese eupátrida Carlos Raúl.

    Que la trapeada de Uribe, no sólo la afirmo yo, sino también la ex-convicta Salud Hernández-Mora en su post: l El Púgil

    También la revista de los López, que es antiuribista y que tiene el tufo más recalcitrante que la manada de reinsertados asesinos del pda (ni mayúscula merecen esos miserables): Uribe se defiende y La fibra íntima.

    También la editorial del pro-castrista Santos Calderón me da la razón: El incidente Gore.

    Los únicos que no aceptan el triunfo de Uribe, es el tal periodista Felipe Zuleta, el ocultador de elefantes y mediocre ex-director del Das Ramiro Bejarano y el obsesionado con Uribe Daniel Cacorronell.

    Por último, dejó el enlace del comentario que dejé en Atrabilioso y copié en mi blog Desenfin, en donde coloco todos los artículos del periódico de Santos Calderón, nos terminan de probar y convencer de todas las CALUMNIAS del senador ex-guerrillero, pero jamás ex-asesino G.Petro: Comentario en Atrabilioso de Camilo Mosquera.

    Todo esto lo hago para decirles nuevamente, que lo que hizo Uribe con el pda (ni mayúsculas merecen estos cínicos) en una: TRAPEADA MONUMENTAL.

    Un saludo.

  5. Camilo is right. El Tiempo has become a highly political newspaper in favor of the PDA. I wrote about it in this post

  6. Felipe, I’m a little disappointed, I thought you were a “thinking” uribista. First, do you know what the quotation marks are for? Did I wrote I agreed with that editorial?

    Uribe’s defence was not a speech, was a press conference. About the information “not supposed” to be public, it’s still unclear which part of that information indeed was and what wasn’t. Do you know what a derecho de petición is? I agree with you that he may have acted wrong. And about the “government wasn’t prepared”… well, one thing is that their “defence” strategy failed and another very different is that they “couldn’t” defend Uribe. In this sense, Uribe is quite alone. You can’t give all the credit to Petro, who I think misled the debate turning it “against Uribe” and not against the paramilitarism.

    You don’t convince me with the “doctor” thing, specially when Morales and de Bedout were the only ones Uribe called that way. I don’t know if you watched the debate, but the way he called them, well. And I’m a regular reader of Atrabilioso, thanks.

    FreeWill, I appreciate you’re trying to write in English. You still have a little mistakes, but it’s great for me you’re that interested on participating here. You can’t compare the German citizens with a relative of the President.

    Tell me if you don’t feel uncomfortable with having a drug-dealer and assassin’s cousin as a presidential advisor. I feel uncomfortable with someone as Petro denouncing such crimes. Isn’t there someone brave and without skeletons in his closet able to denounce that? What would happen if, let’s say, Mockus, for example, did that debate (maybe in a less “cheating” way than Petro)? What would be the ruling politicians’ argument? Has José Obdulio (who once wrote “We’re painful about Colombia”) said a thing about Guillermo Cano, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla and all the COLOMBIAN people his family murdered?

    About the State spying, do you remember Watergate? Did you know an American president had to resign for doing the same thing? How would you feel if a leftist government (such Cuba or the former USSR) spies opposition (if there’s such thing)? Remember, PDA is not equal FARC, despite some fanatical people can say (I concede that some PDA people may be linked with FARC, the same way some ruling coalition politicians are linked with the AUC), it’s a legal party in a so-called democratic country.

    Camilo, first, I would appreciate if you at least try to write in English next time here (not for me, but for the other readers, the ones who don’t understand Spanish). I can’t assure if you actually understand what I wrote. I don’t know what has to do what I wrote about Piedad Córdoba when she said those stupid things in Mexico with this piece, where I criticize some stupid things Uribe said on Thursday. At least I recognize her mistakes (I voted for her, so I’m quite disappointed)…

    Some Uribe supporters (not the fanatical ones, as you) recognize the doubts still remaining. It would be nice from Uribe that instead blaming others for his mistakes (well, it’s hard since he’s a politician), he tried to clarify all that. It’s not hard, he’s the president… if there are some evidence against him, I’m pretty sure they would suddenly ‘disappear’, right?

    About Jaime Restrepo claims, I guess he has access to some information (he’s a recognized journalist with a lot of contacts, I guess), so I’ll be waiting for the “scandalous” picture he promised for Wednesday. And as I say here, Uribe did not deny every Petro’s “slanders”, he just evaded them, as usual. Still, you have the right to believe whatever you want.

    Ha, the petition thing is… well, that’s Colombia. I don’t know why Al Gore should make amends for Uribe, it’s a little bit ridiculous. Would it be because it took away Uribe’s chance to appear as a defender of the environment, when this administration’s policies in that issue have been so poor?

    Carlos, El Tiempo is constantly swaying its political “position”, the same way Enrique Santos was a commie in the 60’s and 40 years later is a right-winger. About it, I ask you to read this comment about El Tiempo’s “objectivity illusion”. Besides, it’s doubtful to blame PDA for a bad analysis on some statistics.

    For everyone, what do you think about Uribe saying he would be “a better guerrilla man (than Petro)” and “if I had been a paramilitary man, I’d be a paramilitary with a rifle in the mountains”. Isn’t he supporting violence? Don’t we Colombians want peace?

    Thanks everyone for you comments.

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  8. Camilo Andrés

    Carlos Raúl, ¿por qué no colocaste el último comentario que envié? Mínimo se fue como spam por traía consigo 5 enlaces.

    Un saludo.

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