Demonstrators in Washington call Uribe an “assassin” (pictures)


*All the pictures featured on this post were taken by Flickr user b.wu

During Colombian president Álvaro Uribe Vélez visit to Washington on Wednesday, seeking U. S. Congress approval for the controversial Free Trade Agreement and more money for the already failed Plan Colombia, demonstrators yelled at him, accusing the leader of the death of aroung 400 unionist and only 10 convictions. The same guy who said he’d be a “guerrilla man” and a “paramilitary” with a gun, not a mediocre one, all the same week, decided to “talk” to them, as the “democrat” he says he is (what a strategy!).

AFP reports the “democrat”‘s words:

About 100 protesters shouted “assassin” and chanted “No free trade agreement” as Uribe, one of Washington’s closest allies in Latin America, headed into a conference in the US capital.

The Colombian leader, who has been fending off allegations both in Bogota and Washington that his government has ties to paramilitary groups involved in human rights violations and drug trafficking, brushed off an aide to take up their challenge.

“I want to invite one, two or three of you to come and debate,” he said to them.

“I want to invite one of you to take part in the meeting I am going to have to explain your arguments.”


“When I came to the presidency, much of Colombia had been under the control of guerrillas and paramilitaries. We have marshaled a large force” against them, he said.

The confrontation came during a day of meetings in the White House and elsewhere in Washington as Uribe sought to advance the free trade agreement and convince US officials and legislators to release millions in military aid to Colombia.

After their meeting early Wednesday, President George W. Bush defended Uribe as “a true democrat, a strong leader, and a friend” and called on Congress to approve the “strategic” free trade deal.

“This agreement has strategic implications. It is very important for this nation to stand with democracies that protect human rights and human dignity; democracies based upon the rule of law,” Bush said.

The two leaders sought to counter accusations that Bogota has maintained links to right-wing paramilitaries operating around the country.

“If I would have created alliances with criminals, for instance with paramilitaries to defeat guerrillas, maybe we would have been much more successful in defeating guerrillas,” he said.

“However, for democratic reasons, for my duties with the new generations of Colombians, for Christian convictions, the decision we have made is one single decision: the only way Colombia has to overcome terrorism is the institutional way.”

Para-Plan Colombia

Can’t wait the extreme right wing Colombian blogs exploding with insults to the “terrorist in a suit” demonstrators, such as Editorial, who supports our democratically elected president, who surrounds himself of honourable advisers and politicians, a lot of whom are now in jail, by slamming the demonstrators, who according to him, support the FARC criminals:

President’s tough day also included a weak demonstration offered by some prudes outside the American Centre for Progress. As usual, our honourable President decided to face them to see if their criticism had some basis because they were alleging the death of hundreds of unionists since the early 1990s. When asked (them), the infamous demonstrators had no idea of what they were talking about. It seems that again the international opposition speaks unfounded. The government and the entire country must make know what’s the reality our country lives, bloodstained by the violence of a minority.

It’s not the first time this happens, it occurred last week on the failed meeting with the quasi-politician-actor [Al] Gore. The same happens with hundreds of international ONGs who claim to support the FARC’s ‘revolutionary’ cause and show a portrait of Ché [Guevara], thinking they agree with his philosophy because they watched “Motorcycle Diaries”.

Uribe's record: 400 unionists murdered, 10 convictions

Meanwhile, let’s check out what a quick Technorati search reveals:

Carlos Quiroz picks up the Reuters information and some of the pictures (CC-BY licence, taken by Flickr user b.wu) this post also carries, and gives some context:

Many of Uribe’s political allies, advisors and cabinet members have resigned or been arrested, including his Foreign Minister, his intelligence director, and Senators that are key supporters of his in the Colombian Congress.

Nonetheless, the Bush administration selected the Uribe government for special trade negotiations and now is asking the Democratic-majority U.S. Congress to consider approving a Colombia-U.S. free trade agreement.

Uribe, you and Bush are the same asesinos

Tefiloca, writing in a blog devoted to criticize Colombian network RCN (the Fox News tropical equivalent), says:

The “best of everything” is that the so-called journalist, because she’s lately appearing only as a presenter, Vicky Dávila makes this comment that apparently the Colombian expatriates have bad information on our country, giving to understand that we in Colombia live in a paradise and that nothing happens.

You can see the pictures by b.wu and A Look Askance on Flickr.


8 responses to “Demonstrators in Washington call Uribe an “assassin” (pictures)

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  3. Uribe rules, motherfucker no matter what you say or what you think!!!!

    you suck

  4. Right, Uribe’s government is doing soooo good that now we have an invasion of colombians here in Washington DC, you know, to get a cushy job at the IDB, for example, thanks to recommendations from papi or mami so their little ones don’t get bored.

  5. whether or not Uribe has been good for the country….I can only say:
    I had to leave Colombia running away from the violence. Now, I have returned to see a more peaceful and prosperous country. There is a big difference between the Colombia I left 6 years ago and today’s. For whatever you have done…thanks Mr. Uribe!

  6. You know some people just don’t give a shyt about human rights, as long as their butts are safe.

    Some Colombians think that Uribe is great just because they are doing well, no matter how much suffering are others going through because of the Paramilitary violence, pollution, assassinations, and displacements of peoples to give room to multinational corporations taking over land that is rich in natural resources. Uribe is a fascist, he controls the fake democracy in Colombia, he controls the media, businesses, drugs and armament trafficking and is doing just fine with the $700 million dollars that his beloved friend Bush has given to him – via the infamous Plan Colombia.

  7. You should ask the 3 million displaced Colombians what they think about Uribe.

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