More on Fernando Vallejo nationality issue; VP Santos controversial TV interview

Yesterday I picked up some of the Colombian blogosphere reactions to controversial writer Fernando Vallejo’s renounce to Colombian nationality. Today appeared two more posts about it which are quite worthy. The first one is from DieGoth, a right-winger writing on centre-left digital magazine equinoXio:

If I spoke about a country filled with:

  • Murderer policemen
  • Murderer soldiers
  • Murderer drug dealers
  • Corrupt, murderer politicians
  • Murderer kidnappers
  • Murderer guerrillas
  • Murderer paramilitaries

Vallejo would say it’s about Colombia. But he might also speak about… México. Switch oil for fat? Who gets that? There’s something else in the poison Vallejo spit on Colombia, but I’m not really interested on that. […]

What would you renounce to if they told you you can’t regret of that?

I, without any regrets, would renounce to be a Colombian if an absurd candidate win the election, were re-elected and there were more people supporting him than rejecting him. Something like renouncing to be a Venezuelan, if I’d live in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, or as it will be called for sure shortly, Socialist Republic of Venezuela. Because you don’t renounce because of a president, but because of a whole people you don’t share from the root with the idea of how things should be done.

El Editor reacted this way at a comment there:

What a little convincing is this harangue against Vallejo signed by a guy as Diegoth who, like Jaime Ruiz [a controversial right-wing blogger], has done nothing but blame certain idea of “colombianness” for all of Colombia’s ills.

I thought, Diegoth, that you’d be happy that Vallejo tore his passport up. After all, that would be the most consistent position regarding the discourse you’ve been maintaining so far.

And then in a post:

[I]f they conducted a survey among the [Colombian] young girls signing on foreign wedding agencies, the unemployed who leave for USA and Spain, the people seeking Canadian and Australian citizenship, and the students like me who go the hell away to another country, you would realize we the rats are hurrying for leaving the ship. You have to see, for example, how Colombian women chase foreigners who land in Colombia. […]

Let’s change the subject. On Tuesday night, during an interview in pro-Uribe Fox News-like RCN Televisión network, Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos (whose family owns the only national newspaper) said that if the U. S. Congress didn’t pass the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia, it may “review its relations” with the U. S. No, please, don’t laugh, it’s serious. But the controversial part comes now: he said that as many as 30 Colombian Congresspeople may be jailed for the parapolitics scandal. Reaction was huge. Interior Minister Carlos Holguín Sardi said Wednesday that “everyone is innocent until proven guilty”, Foreign Minister’s office had to clarify U. S. “relevance” and Colombia’s “respect” for the Congressional debate on the FTA, and President Álvaro Uribe ordered Santos to “correct” his remarks. The Vice President sent a letter to Congress and will meet some Congresspeople on Thursday in order to do that. But, what was Santos meaning?

Journalist Felipe Zuleta has an hypothesis:

Pacho [Santos] wants the gringos to argue with Uribe. With it, U. S. government turns its back to the Palace’s mafioso [Uribe] and put him to wander trough the world running away from Americans and Colombian “judiciary”.

His commentators, as Orlando el curioso, support him:

Bogotá’s oligarchy is in frank “rebelliousness” against the Medellín Cartel and it’s not willing to lose its 150-year hegemony because of the drug lords who are now usurping House of Nariño.

What they want is to oust Viceroy Álvaro de Uribe y Vélez (a. k. a. el Patrón [the nickname Pablo Escobar used]) to avoid an eventual presidential victory for [opposition leftist] Democratic Pole in 2010, because of the teflon wear and tear the ‘carriel’ and ‘arriero’ little emperor may suffer.

Pachito [Santos] needs to arrive to the Bolívar’s throne during these last two years of the mafia term in order to design from there the strategy who allows him to put there the candidate supported by the traditional bi-partisanism and stop the Democratic Alternative Pole.

Some even say that candidate would be former president and OAS general secretary César Gaviria Trujillo, currently leader of the centre Liberal Party, who would become an “obstacle” for any leftist political group in Colombia.

Víctor Solano says:

Again, the media are the showcase of the inappropiate remarks made by the high officials of the Colombian government. […] Mr. Santos: everything you say will be used against you and it doesn’t matter how you appear because even if you wear pyjamas or short pants, [Colombian] citizens will see in your face the Vice President, the government.


5 responses to “More on Fernando Vallejo nationality issue; VP Santos controversial TV interview

  1. It’s not a pride for me to share a room with other commentators calling Uribe “mafioso”, even if they have a journalist “title”. By the way, I am not in the right wing as it must be understood. Left in Colombia behaves as a right in many cases and I don’t agree with most rightist ideas beyond recovering order and respect to the law.

  2. Ohhh, Diegoth, you love Uribe like a idiot. Do you say Uribe is not mafioso, really?. Uribe’s father was a big mafioso, Pablo Escobar friend. Uribe family was only one of a lot that give some money to Escobar and few days after Escobar return them a lot of money. Friendship between Uribe family and Escobar get strong when Alvaro Uribe was Director of colombian Civil Aeronautic department and colombian sky doors was open to Escobar´s airplanes that fly full of cocaine to US.

    If you say that Uribe is not mafioso you are a liar like Uribe, and your words only show a cinic and criminal morality that are going to destroy Colombia.

    Uribe, mafioso and paramilitary criminal, a sick and stupid president for stupid people.

  3. New people in the forum: This gentleman Pirata Subterráneo, is not any more than castrista cigar and junkie.

    He and his companion of formula [Sergio Méndez] are a few recognized trolls friends of the Colombian guerrilla warfare Farc

  4. Pirata: your website was against Colombian Army’s fight to FARC, so I won’t discuss with real allies of criminals.

    Do you have proofs of what you say about Uribe? You like to accuse with no proofs, but I saw your blog criticizing Uribe for fighting the FARC.

    I don’t argue with such people.

  5. Colombians debating in broken English about their country, for an audience of North Americans and Europeans…it’s like the Roman Circus! Instead of providing cheap entertainment to English speakers whose interest in Colombia will dissipate as soon as the commercial break ends and we return to a new episode of Desperate Housewives (or maybe Ugly Betty– rica ironia esa), maybe it’s time to create a reputable blogspace in Spanish for these debates.

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