Colombian television nostalgia [videos]

First, I must apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. I’ve been quite busy at work, but I’m back. I’ll bring you a lot of what Colombian blogosphere said about paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso’s deposition last week in a post for Global Voices Online on Thursday.

So, I want you to relax and enjoy these classic videos from the old Colombian television. Before 1998, all Colombian free-to-air television was state-run, which granted several hours a week to private companies on two national networks. Two of those companies became television networks in July 1998. Nevertheless, some YouTube users, such as televidentecolombiano, juanrincon3006 and comando670, among others, have digitalized some of their dusty collection of TV recordings in VHS and Betamax tapes. The result is these interesting videos, which bring Colombians a lot of memories of good ol’ television.

Noticiero Promec was a 1980s primetime news show. In this clip, we have some special moments of Colombian history, such as the Palace of Justice siege in 1985 or the murder of Liberal presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán in 1989. Ah, of course, the presenter is the well-known, beloved and hated Jota Mario Valencia, currently in a morning show on pro-Uribe RCN TV.

This is a compilation of some old Colombian TV production and programming companies logos and curtains (the most recent are from around 1990), including quite old Caracol TV (currently a network) logos with a snail (Caracol stands for Cadena Radial Colombiana, “Colombian Radio Network”, but “caracol” is Spanish for “snail”).

Colombia has been always a big producer of telenovelas, but in the good ol’ times they used to deal with issues even more interesting than now. Since Colombian TV started as an educational medium, telenovelas based on literary works were often produced, most of them with great success. This clip shows a few examples. I must clarify that, even though Colombia started colour broadcasts in 1979, some telenovelas were already taped and filmed in colour since mid-1970s.

You might be wondering “why so nostalgic?”. Is current Colombian television so damn boring? Well, as for me, this gorgeous presenter is one of the only reasons I watch sometimes a single Colombian newscast at 7:00 a.m. And, as The Soup‘s Joe McHale can tell, these are two quite shameful examples of what’s being produced and exported by Colombian television companies. I apologize in advance.


4 responses to “Colombian television nostalgia [videos]

  1. Ohhhhh

    llu bi geisha for mi con katana incluida.

    no tiene precio…

  2. Juajua, my favorite topic: The Colombian television.

    Yes, very shameful that the channels RCN and Caracol set to create similar offals.

    Such a ‘Scoundrel’ is the version of Landladies’ Telemundo of Desperate Houses produced by RTI and Caracol TV. Obviously still it has not managed to transmit in Colombia, but minimal Caracol will transmit her when it begins RCN to promoting his landladies’ version of Desperate Houses, produced by the brother of Julio Sanchez [Jaime] and his Seen company. ‘ Así es la vida ‘ of RCN and Televideo, it is not any more than a remake of a previous version produced in 1999. This series is a nonsense, I in my blog Total T.V. I placed the same video.

    Yes, they are a shame these productions. But more shame gives to see to those who took to the Courthouse in the congress of the republic. Obviously leaned by the political party Pole – Chavismofaruquiento, alias pda.

    Obviously the mamerting (new term) of this blog is more shameful than all these productions. Be fixed eupátrida Carlos Raúl that his previous post is a frightful libel, its that to place a link to Felipe Zuleta’s blog delincuencial (a.k.a the”plagiador” and two prizes Simón Bolivar, without tilde He is that brute that cannot write well the title of the prize he won) leaned by idiots like Eragon and Dragon Negro.

    Jejeje, LOL these “suckers” are really annoying”

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  4. Juliana, yeah, it is so priceless… and corny and nonsense… what a shame… 😥

    Camilo, I would really appreciate if you stop insulting readers and other bloggers at this place. And please learn English or get a friend to help you to translate your comments.

    If you keep with this kind of behaviour, you’ll be banned.

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